Here’s over 300+1 Tips for Your Europe Trip

Don’t travel Europe before reading this list of more than 300 hints! Be better prepared, save money and have a perfect trip with dozens of travel hacks and 1 bonus hint.


Hey there fellow travelers! Last week we showed you how Europe’s top 5 tourist cities London, Paris, Istanbul, Barcelona and Amsterdam rank in different disciplines like weather, sightseeing, shopping and more, according to our data analysis.

But a Europe trip has so much more to offer. So today, I want to provide you with as much information as you need to travel Europe the smart way.

So, welcome to episode #1 of the Smart traveler roundup. When researching for the Travel Lab, I encounter lots of interesting pieces of content. In my smart traveler posts, I collect the most helpful ones around a certain topic and present them to you.

So here we go!

1. Pack your stuff for your Europe trip

Before starting off your Europe trip, the more or less fun part of packing your stuff is inescapable. Though we know, some people find it harder than others to accomplish this task.

packing your suitcase for a Europe trip

There are hundreds of packing lists on the web, so I dug out the most helpful ones for Europe travelers. Have a glance at this list:

2. How to travel Europe

Need help planning your trip? We can help with that. Wikihow provides lots of suggestions on how to travel through Europe. It helps you with planning your trip before leaving, deciding for the right accommodation and transport, how to handle your money while on vacation and more. Especially for tourists from coming from the US, there are plenty of helpful tips.

Even more interesting and with concrete help on what to do before and during your Europe trip comes from Mandy Living Life, super helpful. Want examples? There you go:

  • Make sure your credit card has a 0% foreign transaction fee
  • Starbucks is the gold standard of free wifi
  • Use Google Maps offline feature
  • Do buy an actual waterPROOF jacket, not a water resistant one.

Thanks for this very helpful list, Mandy!

3. Europe budget tips

Traveling a whole continent can not only be time- but also very money-consuming. Even if you’re not a budget traveler, you’ll be grateful for some travel hacks on how to save money on your trip. So I gathered plenty of links for you to look through. All in all, there are more than 200 ideas on how to keep your money together.

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